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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this video by the artist Mustafa on YouTube that I nearly passed over because it looked like every other hip hop/rap video on the market. A thumbnail of a bunch of men of color hanging outside a building, looking like another SoundCloud rapper that found enough money to record a music video with his friends.

Dear Barbers,

Thank you mastering your craft, you are artists evoking emotions on the very subjects your art is crafted on. Creating a unique piece with every person, leaving no signature except for a happy customer.

Thank you for creating a temple, a place where meditation and conversation lead to men becoming better versions of themselves. It doesn’t matter if your temple is a fold up chair and a mirror hung on a tree in the sidewalks of Bangalore, in the or a shop in Queens, your space gives us a sense of peace where inner growth happens unlike anywhere…

Newtonian Cradle — Energy Lightbulb
Newtonian Cradle — Energy Lightbulb
Newtonian Cradle — Energy Lightbulb

I believe we’ve all have dreams of doing creative things and having people connect with us. It’s in our nature to try to express emotions and thoughts through mediums. Modern society is built on the creative projects of people, from music, to fashion, to technology creative projects have influenced the world. Today it’s easier than ever to create, with free self publishing services like medium, YouTube, and vimeo to platforms like adobe’s creative cloud becoming a monthly subscription or the unreal engine’s free licensing. The opportunities are at our fingertips, the barrier to enter is basically non existent. …

Image by: Frame Harirak

I joined a Fortune 500 company a few months after graduating university with my bachelors degree and over the last two years I’ve learned quite a lot about the corporate world and how to navigate it. From having excessive documentation to advocating for yourself for a promotion. I’ve worked on various teams within the company and have touched multiple sectors of the business market.

Over the last two years I’ve been given solicited and unsolicited advice from friends, family, and coworkers. These are six gold nuggets that have had the biggest effect on my career so far:

  1. Love your job…

Washington DC Metro by Tbel Abuseridze (@tbelabuseridze)

I miss public transportation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the daily lives of billions of people has been drastically changed, and one of the sectors that has been changed the most has been public transportation. More than 20 million people have started using Teams to work remotely ( public transportation use has dropped by 90% ( Life has changed, very quickly, and though we’ve all adapted in one way or another over the last month of social distancing and quarantine I can’t stop thinking about the metro and buses.

I love public transportation, the concept of mass transit with little…

When we talk about a relationship, we often talk about the foundation and how important it is. I agree, without a good foundation, your relationship is going to fall over pretty soon. If we talk about the foundation of a relationship, we can make an analogy that it’s like building. So if a relationship is a building we must also talk about the walls, the scaffolding, and maintenance. Why do we always talk about the importance of a good foundation but not the other parts of building a relationship?

The thing I love about any construction is that no matter…

Embarking on a solo adventure to a country far far away, to a city in Europe or Asia, is something you must do at least once in your life. Whether you are running away from an ex girlfriend like I was when I first started or you just want to go see something and nobody wants/can join you, it is a great learning experience. That being said, in this modern world we tend to research everything from what places to eat to what attractions to see and what places to stay. …

Jack Prömmel

Washed up creative | Former gold miner| Technology consultant | Amateur Video guy | Mountain lover

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